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Popcorn Ceiling Removal

It takes an expert to remove a popcorn ceiling texture in a safe and proper manner. If you need popcorn ceiling removal in Toronto, Ontario, don’t take chances. Get in touch with our company and allow us to take over.

At Toronto Painters, we are experienced with the removal of popcorn ceilings. Naturally, we are in the painting business for years and hence, the ceiling is finished properly, right after. If you want to leave the project to Toronto painters who have been removing popcorn ceilings and refinishing surfaces for years, choose our team.

How to get started with popcorn ceiling removal in Toronto

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Toronto

If it’s really time to schedule popcorn ceiling removal, Toronto’s top company is at your service. All you need to do to get started is to contact our team. Make an appointment so that a rep from our company will come to your place to check the ceiling and the condition of the texture, and talk with you. Are we talking about the removal of one or more popcorn ceilings? Is it cracked and damaged? Is it painted over? Do you suspect that this is a harmful texture? We need to discover all these things to be prepared for the service. We also offer ceiling color and finishing consultation, make suggestions, walk you through the process, and provide an estimate for the service. That’s how – more or less – things are done, to start with. Do you want to do that?

Proper room preparation before removing popcorn ceilings

The appointed Toronto painters show up well-equipped at the time and on the day already agreed.

The room is prepped well so that the dust released when the pros remove popcorn ceiling textures won’t affect the other areas of the home. The job is done methodically with the correct tools, from start to finish. Then, the place is cleaned and all that is removed from the ceiling is removed from the house. Once this part of the service is completed, the painters focus on finishing the ceiling.

The Toronto painters finish the ceiling as requested

Should there be flaws and dents, the painters take care of them. The primary focus is on addressing all ceiling imperfections so that the surface will be even and smooth. Then, they prime and paint as previously agreed. That’s – more or less – the process of removing the popcorn texture and finishing the ceiling.

Everything is done with the utmost professionalism, from the initial preparation of the room to the final stage of painting the ceiling. This is one good reason for choosing our team for the service. Avoid attempting to remove the acoustic ceiling alone. It may not be safe. And it’s surely not easy. The pros appointed by our team to do such a job are dressed as required, have the means demanded to remove the popcorn texture properly, and have done this work many times. As we said at the beginning, there’s no need for you to take risks. Choose our team for the service. Contact us now to request a quote for the Toronto popcorn ceiling removal.