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Drywall Repair

A popped nail may easily cause drywall damage and so will heavy furniture or moisture. Putting such problems behind you is all about turning to our team for drywall repair in Toronto, Ontario. This is the area we serve and take care of all drywall-related problems. It doesn’t matter what the reason for the drywall damage is. And it doesn’t matter if this is extensive or limited damage. At Toronto Painters, we are ready to offer solutions to all drywall problems.

Drywall repair Toronto experts offer suitable solutions

Drywall Repair Toronto

Make contact with our team if you seek experts in Toronto drywall repairs. From a doorknob to water, anything may cause drywall damage. The question is how serious and how extensive the damage is. This is what determines the solution. Be sure that there are solutions, even if there’s a big hole in your drywall.

The appointed drywall repair contractors inspect the damage and suggest solutions based on their findings. It’s fair to say that small holes or damage created by the door’s knob or lever are all fixed easily. But how about cases where there’s a piece missing or the drywall is soaked?

No worries. The drywall contractor makes a note of the extent of the damage from the start and what needs to be done. And so, the pros come out well-prepared to repair, patch, or replace drywall. Even if an entire wall must be replaced, don’t worry. The team comes fully prepared for the drywall removal.

Is this serious drywall damage & a need for drywall removal? No worries

So, what happens when a panel must be replaced? In such cases, the drywall installation contractors take over. It’s important that the existing drywall – wall or ceiling, is properly and safely removed and the new panel is properly installed.

When it comes to drywall installation, the contractors also suggest options. After all, not all drywall panels are the same. If there’s a need for water-resistant or fire-rated drywall, they recommend the right options. The crucial thing is that irrespective of the drywall type, the panels are set up correctly, the mudding, the taping, and the drywall finishing, and all steps are done to a T.

From drywall installation to patching and repairs, we cover all needs

Of course, some drywall holes are easier to fix – that’s with patching. And when the holes and cracks are even smaller, they are just covered with mud. On all occasions – from installing to fixing and patching drywall, the pros finish their job by painting the surface. Once the drywall repair area is all sanded and dried and smooth, the pros prime and paint it so that it won’t be distinguished from the rest of the wall.

As you can see, our company covers all drywall service needs. Whatever is needed, it’s done with no delay. And it’s done to perfection. We like to assure you that drywall repairs are also done before walls and ceilings are painted too. And so, we are at your service for painting and drywall repair or for drywall repair followed by painting. Whatever you need and whatever you plan, count us in. The best drywall repair Toronto team is at your service and ready to take action.