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Crown Molding & Trim Painting

Are you considering booking crown molding and trim painting in Toronto, Ontario? If so, our company will be happy to serve your painting needs. As with all jobs, when it comes to such architectural details as crown moldings, door casings, baseboards, and others, the secret to a successful and long-lasting painting service lies in the details.

With Toronto Painters on the job, you can be certain of the focus given on all details. Such jobs – like all painting jobs – start off on the right foot and are complete beyond the highest expectations. Should we tell you how things are done and how we can be useful to you?

Getting started with trim and crown molding painting in Toronto

Crown Molding & Trim Painting Toronto

When it’s time for crown molding and trim painting, Toronto people usually make some improvements to their home’s interior. Let us assure you of our availability for interior painting services, overall. Of course, if you want exterior trims painted too, you can still count on our company.

With that said and out of the way, let’s focus on the process. Interior trims differ and vary. Due to that, a pro comes over to check your interior trims and crown moldings. We need to know more about their material and condition, overall. This way, we’ll know what prep job is needed and what paint coatings will be most suitable. Once the pro assesses the trims and speaks with you about your preferences and specific needs, you get a consultation. You are also provided with an estimate for the painting service. Be sure that there’s no obligation as there’s no charge. So, feel free to book an appointment and learn more without hesitation.

Interior trim painting services

Home interior trims vary. All these moldings that frame doorways, windows, floors, and walls can be painted.

  •          Crown molding painting. These moldings that crown walls to make the transition to the ceiling smooth define the space. And so, it’s best to look at their best. Whether they are made of a flexible material, wood, or plaster, crown moldings are properly painted.
  •          Baseboard painting. Baseboards are often stepped on and have to put up with various objects thrown at them, accidentally. They deserve to be painted once in a while. Since their design – plain or intricate – often matches that of the crowns, they are often painted the same color.
  •          Window and door casings. The frames of your doors and windows can be painted. Whether they are separate casings or connected with wall trims, they can be painted.
  •          Wall trim painting. Speaking of wall trims and paneling, they could do with a fresh paint coating too.

Overall, all interior trims can be painted – from chair rails to baseboards. Of course, you can combine painting jobs too. For example, you may want the interior walls painted along with the wall trims. Or you may want the doors painted along with their casings.

On all occasions, be sure that trim defects are first addressed. The surface is smoothened, ensuring perfect paint application and adhesion along with durability and longevity. If you want to boost the character of the interior trims, don’t think about it. Get in touch with our company to discuss your crown molding and trim painting Toronto project.