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Wallpaper Removal & Installation

Our company is at your service if you need wallpaper removal and installation in Toronto, Ontario.

  •          Do you want an outdated wallpaper removed?
  •          Want to book wallpaper installation?
  •          Do you need to have an old wallpaper removed and a new wallpaper installed?

The cases vary. But no matter what you need, you can count on the expertise of our team here at Toronto Painters. Let us tell you how we can be helpful to you.

Wallpaper removal and installation in Toronto

Wallpaper Removal & Installation Toronto

To book wallpaper removal and installation, Toronto homeowners just need to reach out to our team. We are available for both services.

  •          Wallpaper removal. All types of wallpaper are removed, regardless of the material. This is a demanding task, quite tricky may we add, especially if the wallpaper is worn, old, or saturated. Removing wallpaper is difficult even if it’s not damaged or old. It depends on various factors, including whether or not the wall was primed before wallpaper installation. It also depends on the wallpaper’s material and how long it’s been on the wall. To avoid frustration and possibly wall damage, allow us to take over.

We send pros skilled in removing wallpaper of all types regardless of the condition. They do the work with special tools, ensuring proper wallpaper removal with no serious wall damage. The job is completed quickly and efficaciously without costing you much.

  •          Wallpaper installation. Taking on this task yourself is not recommended either. A professional wallpaper installer will have the job done perfectly and quickly. More than this, the job will be done correctly, from start to finish, for longevity and exceptional results. Whether this is traditional wallpaper, textile wallpaper, or any other material, it’s put up on your wall flawlessly.

Let us assure you that before installing wallpaper, the pros do any necessary preparation to ensure the job is done seamlessly. The prep stage may or may not include the removal of existing wallpaper. In either case, the pros take care of any wall flaws, and prime before they install wallpaper.

Wall painting – a service often combined with wallpaper removal

Oftentimes, people book wallpaper removal not due to damage but because they simply don’t like wallpaper. If that’s your case too, let our team know. The team of experts will prep and paint the wall once the wallpaper is removed. The process is the following:

  •          The pros remove wallpaper with the right tools and the care required so that the wall won’t be damaged.
  •          Then, they repair any surface flaws and abrasions, cover holes, and make sure the wall is free of any imperfections and smooth.
  •          The next phase involves cleaning the wall and applying a primer that will ensure great paint adhesion and longevity.
  •          Lastly, the painters apply the color of your choice.

As you can see, you have choices – to have the wallpaper removed and the wall painted. Or, to have wallpaper removed and a new motif put up on your wall. Whatever your case may be, reach our team for Toronto wallpaper removal and installation services.