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Exterior House Painting

Your efforts to find a reliable exterior house painting Toronto company have paid off. That’s because you found our team and you can now relax knowing that your home exterior is in the best hands in town.

Toronto Painters is experienced with all materials. And we are available for exterior home painting services in Toronto in Ontario. Let us tell you how it works, how it’s done, and why we are the painters Toronto residents should trust for the transformation of their home’s exterior.

Toronto exterior house painting – how it works

Exterior House Painting Toronto

We understand that in order to book exterior house painting, Toronto customers need to know details about the service, the approx. cost, the possible techniques, their color options, and similar things. On our part, we need to know details about the project, like the condition, size, and direction of the building, the materials, and what needs to be done. For example, you may want only the exterior walls and siding painted. Or, all parts of the exterior painted, like the deck, the fence, the railing, the garage door, et cetera.

To get a perspective of the expected results and provide an estimate for the service, we send a home painter contractor to your place. And so, both sides know where they stand. You know the costs, how it’s all done, your color and paint options, the deadlines, and all answers to your questions. And we know what you want in order to provide it. So, if you are looking for an exterior painter and want to get started, contact our team.

Painting home exteriors – how it’s done

As we mentioned already, the exterior painting service usually includes the fence, the windows, the doors, the deck – all parts. And all these parts are thoroughly prepped since most of them take lots of beating from the weather. The service involves caulking windows, power washing, sanding and removing old paints, fixing decks, addressing fence problems, and repairing flaws in all materials – from stucco and metal to wood and stone.

All these steps are taken by an experienced and properly equipped exterior house painter. Also, with respect to the material of all surfaces. Not all materials are prepped the same way. Not all materials are painted with the same coatings. And whichever coating is needed, the painters bring and is perfect for the exterior environment.

The Toronto exterior painters to contact for your project

No exterior painting is a one-man job. No wonder we send a big team with painters who count innumerable similar jobs under the belt. With our team, everything is done to perfection. From the initial inspection of the home exterior to the prepping of the surfaces and the actual priming and painting, all steps are followed with attention to detail and are completed in a proficient manner.

Now that you know what we do and how we do it, do you want to talk about your project? Get an estimate free of charge? Discuss details about the job or check out your options among colors, paints, and modern techniques? If it’s time for such a serious home improvement and you want responsible and committed painters with experience, without paying a small fortune, turn to us. Contact our team, say that you are interested in a Toronto exterior house painting service, and everything will fall into place in a stress-free way. Wait and see.